The essence

Ornella, my mother, is a tiny but tenacious woman. Gifted with the necessary determination that allows her to do things her way, even to shake up her own life. Thus, in 2001 she gave up her job and make her dream come true: Colle Regina. Her contact with nature is profound and the ground is the ingredient through which to express herself. Her animals and her vineyards are her therapy. My personal approach to the wine comes from the passion and love. I really like everything about wine: the colours, the aromas, the flavours and memories they spread. The stories that each glass could share.
The winery, my tailor-made space, my utopia, where everything is created with perseverance, dedication and deepest respect.
Ours is a generational story, but with one common. Aldo Zago, the grandfather and founder. The one who made us fall in love with that tiny plot of land on top of the hills of Col San Martino, our “Rive”. I remember him in the cellar of her house, historically called "caneva", bottling wicker wine bottles with passion and painstaking precision. A strong and firm man, but with a unique spirit of sharing, no one left his cellar thirsty!
From that tiny plot of land, our vision grew. A project was created An identity was born. In 2007 the stimulating adventure of the Educational Farm began and in 2016, confidently, we accepted the challenge of combining the heritage and knowledge of our land, Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG, together with the fungus-resistant grape varieties. A field that is incredibly close to our hearts and that has allowed me to discover a new exciting knowledge and to meet people aimed by the same values than me.
It is, even today, a starting point for us!

I hope that our winery is today the same I used to see when I was a child: full of passion, love, dedication, knowledge and where everyone can have his glass of wine!

Marianna Zago,

Managing Director

Our winery and “Casa Pelierza” are the result of the conservative renovation of an old farmhouse. In addition to the vineyards, it has more than 3 hectares of woodland surrounding the property. The company has long since begun the process of obtaining organic certification for all its viticultural and other agricultural productions. A necessary choice for the next future, believing in agricultural systems that have less and less impact on the environment.


Tasting means analyzing wine with all our sense organs. It allows us to discover the flavor throught hearing, smell, taste and touch, creating a unique special experience